Preferential Mortgage Plan High LTV Mortgage Plan
Rate As low as P-3%
* Enjoy Mortgage-Link Account
As low as P-2.50%
Net Rate (p.a.) 2.25% 2.75%
Loan-to-Value Ratio up to 90% up to 80%
Loan Tenor 30 years 25 years
Cash Rebate up to 1.50% up to 0.50%

*The above information is for reference only, and subject to the latest announcement of HKMA & HKMC.

# Property value below HK$9million maximum LTV up to 90%(subject to a loancap of HK$7.2 million). Property value below HK$10million maximum LTV up to 80%. The property must be a completed residential properties located in Hong Kong. (P=5.25)

## For off-plan project/ residential properties purchace price/ property value is below $6million maximum LTV up to 80%. $4million maximum LTV 90%, maximum loan up to $3.6million.

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